Rubiales: "El beso fue mutuo y consentido. No voy a dimitir"

Rubiales afirma que el beso fue mutuo y consentido y niega su dimisión.

**Title: Luis Rubiales Stands Firm as President of RFEF Amid Controversy**

*Luis Rubiales Defends His Position and Vows Legal Action*

Luis Rubiales has surprised the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) by announcing that he will not resign as president, contrary to what he had communicated to those close to him on Thursday. Rubiales has denounced what he describes as a «social assassination» and vows to defend himself in court. While expressing sincere apologies for the events following the Women’s World Cup final, Rubiales emphasizes the need for reflection on the direction Spain is heading.

**1. Injustice Unleashed: A Battle for Survival**

Rubiales firmly asserts, «This is not about seeking justice, it’s false; it’s an execution of a social assassination. I’m being targeted for elimination. Beyond my personal situation, as Spaniards, we must reflect on our path forward.» His resolute words underline the gravity of the situation he finds himself in.

Rubiales reveals the relentless targeting he faces, stating, «They are going after me with every means possible, relentlessly. Over a hundred complaints, lawsuits in all kinds of courts, requests always coming from the same person and his puppets in the Council of Superior Sports (CSD). Some people are disturbed by my presence here because I intend to elevate grassroots football to a dignified level. We must differentiate and learn a lesson about what equality truly means… It’s a life lesson. My daughters truly embody feminism, unlike the fake feminism that exists out there.»

**2. The True Face of False Feminism**

Strongly condemning what he labels as «false feminism,» Rubiales acknowledges that it fails to seek justice and truth, prioritizing self-glorification and the illusion of progress. He laments, «What will true victims of sexual assault, those who have truly suffered, think? As these individuals attempt to publicly assassinate my character, I will seek justice through legal actions. I will exercise my rights.»

Confidently, he states, «Mrs. Yolanda Díaz, Mrs. (Irene) Montero, Mrs. (Ione) Belarra, and Mr. (Pablo) Echenique have used terms such as ‘humiliate,’ ‘sexual violence,’ ‘without consent,’ ‘assault’ in reference to the (kiss). I will take legal actions against these individuals.»

Regarding the controversy surrounding the infamous kiss shared with player Jenni Hermoso after winning the World Cup, Rubiales clarifies, «It was spontaneous, mutual, euphoric, and consensual; that’s the key behind all the criticism. It was consensual. This player missed a penalty, and I have a great relationship with all the players. We’ve been like a family for over a month, and there were affectionate moments during this gathering.»

**3. Behind the Scenes of Controversial Gestures**

Rubiales recounts the whole incident leading up to the controversial gesture he made in the stadium box, aimed at coach Jorge Vilda. He announces Vilda’s contract renewal and a pay raise to €500,000. Apologetically, he conveys, «I sincerely apologize without any reservations for an act that occurred in the box when, in a moment of excitement, I made that gesture. Jorge, we’ve been through a lot in this past year, and at a smaller scale, they tried to do to you what they did to me. It’s all a false narrative. We have endured and persevered together.»

He further explains, «I was overcome with emotion to the point of losing control and gesturing towards that area when, upon winning the World Cup, your initial reaction was to turn to the box and dedicate the victory to me. I made the gestures of ‘you’ and ‘bravo to you.’ I apologize to Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Family, and anyone who may have felt offended. I had never behaved like this before, but the emotions were overwhelming, considering everything we had gone through. I apologize and do not seek justification.»

Amidst ongoing controversy and allegations, Luis Rubiales holds firm as the President of RFEF, ready to face legal battles and defend his reputation. The future remains uncertain as the story unfolds, awaiting further developments with immense public interest.

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